I am dreaming of an Emacs major mode to interact with my repos.

I am thinking of something that, when invoked, would:

  1. run mr status against a given .mrconfig (~/.mrconfig, by default, see processes)

  2. for reach repo, create a button that, when clicked, would fire an action (magit maybe? or some project.el thing? possibly some keybindings for each?)

  3. add a keymap for the mode that would allow calling mr update (or whatever?) on all (or marked?) repos

  4. possibly hide some parts of the mr status output (e.g. invisible text, challenge here is to tell the mr output from git (possibly with overlays?)

I think the MVP is basically step 1 and 2 above, with something that drops me in the repo on "enter". See also this guide. The shell-maker package might be good inspiration as well.

Bonus points for a "redacted" mode that calls mr -j$NCPU -m status for a "only relevant" view.

Previous art:

  • multi-magit: third-party, not in Debian, not accepted in magit either
  • magit repository list: a bit clunky, slow, needs a list of repo, maybe we could feed myrepos list in there?

-- ?anarcat