Please merge the patches from the master branch of my repo:
$ git log --oneline
a0c46bd Fix home directory handling
6afdd95 vis: pass arguments to the commands
145454d webcheckout: consider https URLs to be anonymous too
4154b26 Switch URLs from http to https where possible
8c81c1d vis: fall back from GUI to terminal tools when no X11 display is available
84583ce Pass -a to darcs fetch command
0091d74 Update list of distro install commands
692adf9 Replace Debian BTS link with myrepos/mr pages for many distros.
cc24aa1 Cope with the transition from ack-grep to ack in Debian
91def65 Ignore new debhelper cruft
2e8aa85 Synchronise git_svn_status with git_status
9e740ff Ignore the return value from grep and ack-grep subcommands.
cabc3e2 Erase to the end of the line when exiting