I often want to run a specific operation on a fixed subset of repos. The operation itself is valid for all repos, just I usually don't want to run it when I am doing specific tasks. E.g. when I am working on TaskA, I only want the operation to run on repo1 and repo3, whereas when I am running TaskB I want to run them on repo2 and repo3.

Is there some way to preselect a (potentially large) list of repos to run an operation on? Ideally, I would imaging to add some kind of tags or labels on the repos section so it is specific to the repo and not coded in the operation itself and then have mr select the repos with the specific tags?

E.g. something like this pseudo code

cat .mrconfig
tag = TaskA

tag = TaskB

tag = TaskA TaskB

and then run the update operation with something like

mr --select-repos-with-tags=TaskA  update