I have a ton of repos in my ~/.mrconfig, so a full mr update takes a long time, even if parallelized. A lot of those remotes are on the same server, however, so I can't help but wonder if it would save time to enable ControlMaster from mr directly. I know I could set that up in my ~/.ssh/config myself, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable setting that all for all use cases. If it would be done in mr, it could setup the multiplexer and tear it down when done...

Here a full pull (mr -j10 update) takes:

30.39user 8.05system 1:51.04elapsed 34%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 73320maxresident)k
0inputs+15664outputs (0major+529937minor)pagefaults 0swaps

One trick is that multiplexing might fail with -j because of a race condition that ssh doesn't seem to handle very well:

ControlSocket /home/anarcat/.ssh/control-master-747c83a00480de0860fde4d7df86be06fe25e555.sock already exists, disabling multiplexing

That's with the following configuration:

 ControlMaster auto
 ControlPath ~/.ssh/control-master-%C.sock

So with that configuration, there's very little improvement, unfortunately. I would bet that, however, mr could be smarter than this and dispatch stuff much better...

Thanks! -- ?anarcat