I'm attempting to implement a dummy target as illustrated in mrconfig.complex to run fixups after all updates have been completed:

# This is a dummy target, all it does is run fixups at the end of
# an update.
fixups = $HOME/bin/fixups
checkout = mkdir -p $HOME/tmp
status = :
order = 25
  1. After adding the above section to my .mrconfig, I received the following error message when executing mr up:

    mr update: unknown repository type and no defined update command for /Users/tom/tmp

    This was easily resolved by adding update = : to the [tmp] section. git repository containing proposed change.

  2. I now discovered that the [tmp] target was not being executed after all other targets (as the order = 25 should have required). NOTE: none of my other targets have an order setting of greater than 15.

    I normally have jobs = 5 set in my .mrconfig file--changing this to jobs = 1 resulted in the desired behavior.

Enhancement Request:

Please revise mr to respect the order setting, even if jobs is set to a number greater than 1.