Possible Bug

I've been using mr to manage dozens of git repos for many years (most live in my home directory). Today, I ran into something that didn't work. I had decided to manage /opt in a git repo, and I added the following configuration lines:

checkout = git clone 'https://github.com/tomhoover/docker-compose.git' 'opt'
skip = ! test "$(whoami)" = root
fixups = chmod 755 /opt

Running mr up didn't do anything (nor even list the /opt repo within its output--it acted as if it had been skipped), so I deleted the skip line above and tried again--still a no-go.

All of the above was attempted while logged in as root, and I verified the /opt directory did not already exist.

Additional info

To verify git was working properly, I executed git clone 'https://github.com/tomhoover/docker-compose.git' 'opt' && chmod 755 /opt from /, as root, and it worked as expected. After manually cloning the repo into /opt, I attemped mr up, mr push, etc; however, mr continues to ignore the /opt git repo.

From my reading of the mrconfig.complex example configuration file, there should be nothing preventing a repo from living at /, as the following example is included:

# I use etckeeper to keep /etc in git. But it only works if I'm root, 
# and if it's not already in etc, skip it.
skip = ! test -d /etc/.git || ! test "$(whoami)" = root

I'm certain I've overlooked something rather simple--please help. Thanks!

done --pabs: user error